A Culture of Profitability

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Improving culture in business has been a “soft” and subjective topic – until now. We have used Lawrence Harrison’s 30 year study of successful cultures as the foundation for a powerful and logical framework for analyzing and improving business culture.

Building on this research and integrating the work of others, we developed a conceptual model that is useful, based on data and testable against experience. There are symptoms and metrics for the cultural ills that reveal problems before they grow overpowering. There are reasonable and doable treatment plans that attack the symptoms and root causes. There is a workable design for getting started and integrating cultural management into the existing organization, without adding bureaucracy or overhead.

Culture matters. Everyone knows that. But now something can be done about it.

“This is a truly important book. Managers at every level of every organization, big and small, private and public sector, should read it.”

Lawrence Harrison, Director of the Culture Change Institute and author of Jews, Confucians, and Protestants: Cultural Capital and the End of Multiculturalism, and Culture Matters (co-authored with Samuel Huntington)