Aviva Kleinbaum

Aviva Kleinbaum7 Aviva Kleinbaum has 15 years experience in consulting and leadership coaching. Her consulting work focuses on complex business problems and the creation of cultural and organizational changes that drive major business improvements. Her understanding of the link between business and the human element allows her to accurately identify core problems that are typically overlooked. Her creativity generates solutions that are both powerful and long lasting.Aviva’s recent work includes the analysis of cultural barriers in developing strong brands, the design of an Investor Relations activity for a mega-cap industrial company, and leadership of a process re-engineering effort for a clinical health care facility, increasing its efficiency and capacity. Aviva re-organized and updated food delivery operations for a major national food chain. She has also consulted on major projects in healthcare, legal services, marketing, food services, and manufacturing. Her clients have included Deutsche Bank, General Motors, and Busch’s.

Her leadership coaching fosters the capabilities people need to become successful leaders and valued team members. Aviva produces results by coaching individuals to interact effectively to achieve team tasks. Aviva has been personal coach to several human resources vice presidents working on issues of interpersonal relations, cultural diversity, conflict, and motivation and to CEO’s on integrating corporate culture into new strategic directions.
Aviva holds a Bachelors Summa Cum Laude in Sociology and a Masters of Social Work from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and is a Certified Clinical Psychotherapist. She has been Director of Clinical Programs for two psycho-therapy clinics. She speaks three languages, two flently and lectures on change and culture.
Aviva is also a multi-media artist; her art, along with her partner Rob’s photography, can be seen at http://www.AvivaNadia.com