Rob Kleinbaum

Rob KleinbaumRob Kleinbaum has over 25 years experience in consulting and is the founder and CEO of RAK & Co. He has led projects on major corporate strategies, organizational change and operational improvement. Quoted extensively in the global press, Rob has been featured on NPR, BBC, the LA Times, MSNBC, Reuters, Asahi Shimbun, and by David Brooks in the New York Times. He is on the Executive Committee of the Culture Change Institute of the Fletcher School at Tufts University and is a Fellow and Board Member of the Society of Decision Professionals.

Recent work includes:

  • Corporate Responsibility strategies in the automotive, alcoholic beverages and hotel industries
  • Analysis of the role of culture in GM’s bankruptcy
  • Investor Relations strategy and organizational design for a major global bank
  • Turnaround strategy for a Fortune 100 company
  • Energy and environment strategy for a Fortune 50 company
  • Joint venture strategy between a US Fortune 50 company and China
  • Health care cost reduction strategies for large manufacturing companies
  • Marketing strategies for an e-Prescribing company and an internet-based health care prevention company
  • Technology strategy and capital expansion planning for a major chemical company
  • Brand, channel, and structure strategy for the Japanese business unit of a Fortune 50 company
  • Organizational restructuring and process redesign for a Brazilian subsidary of a Fortune 100 company
  • Other projects have included enterprise growth and integration, globalization, business unit strategy, internet marketing, distribution and channel strategy, and product development. Prior to Founding RAK & Co., Rob was a partner at Strategic Decisions Group, a major global consulting company, and an executive and founder of General Motors’ Decision Support Center, one of the leading internal consulting companies. He received a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, where he was also a Research Scientist and Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics.

    Rob has a passion for photography. Along with his partner Aviva’s art, it can be seen at